Thursday, May 7, 2009

eventId's 1334, 1089, and 1000

Today, I encountered a problem where my ASP.NET app would not run on my machine. I would get "Server Unavailable" in my browser, and eventId's 1334, 1089, and 1000 in the Application Event Log. The same application ran smoothly on a fellow developer's machine.

Many Web resources suggest using aspnet_regiis.exe enable ASPNET to access the GAC, but that was not my particular problem.

Instead, we have a legacy Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project (not to be confused with a "Web Site") with unusual configuration requirements: It has to run in a virtual directory located at the root of the Web site. Something tells me this is redundant.

Anywho, steps to make it work included:
  1. Publish to the desired folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot for example).
  2. Set both the Web site root and the virtual directory root (in IIS) to that folder.
  3. In VS, on the Web section of the WAP's properties, under Servers, select "Use IIS Web server".
  4. In the project URL, put "http://localhost/MyVirtualDirectory".
I hope this helps someone.

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