Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apples on Pasta?

Apples have a sweetness similar to that of tomatoes. "Self," I thought to myself one day, "if I add an apple to this tomato sauce, will it round out / complete the flavor of the tomato?" So I tried adding an apple to a simple pasta sauce, and replied to myself "Self, this isn't quite right... but you're on to something!"

After a few iterations, here's what I have come up with: Saute the following to the desired doneness and serve over pasta:
-diced apple. Golden delicious has worked well so far, but something less sweet might be more desirable.
-some onion. Red and white work well. I do recommend one of the more "onion-y", less sweet onions to contrast with the apples.
-some green bell pepper. Again, contrast with the sweet apples.
-just a little diced tomato. Remember, apples are the star of this show.
-sea salt, red pepper, and oregeno to taste.
-Optionally, also add red wine vinegar and/or olive oil.

Apple on pasta is as easy as any other pasta dish, but offers a very different flavor and texture.

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